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We connect Every Home Across Kenya with Every Service Need in one Click

Find continually-rated local services and book by the hour with upfront pricing. Choose from cleaners, cooks, personal chefs, Mama Fuas, gardeners, fitness trainers, massage therapists, caregivers (children, sick & elderly), errand runners, maids, event planners, plumbers, electricians, and more—all just a click away. Perfect for every household in Kenya.

We serve most cities and towns in Kenya

Select a city/ town and search by estate or court (e.g., Langata), or first name of the provider.

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General housekeeping

General Housekeeping

Find a Multitask person, eg cleaning, laundry

find a cleaner

Special cleaning

Find cleaners for;office, Fumigation, Matress & sofa, AirbnB&hotel, Events



Find Cooks or Professional Chefs

Gardening and other outdoor serices like flower triming, grass cutting

Gardening and landscaping (farm and home)

Find here a Gardener

Finding your provider could not be any easier.

Find the right person with a click, make a booking and pay with Mpesa. That's it.

1. Find your provider

Select a city or town. Search using location key word (i.e. estate, building) or providers first name. Filter using service category (e.g. cooking).

2. Book and pay

Choose a date and time on the provider's calendar, click 'Book,' receive a payment notification from KALINOI LTD, enter your MPESA pin, and your booking is confirmed.

3. Enjoy the service!

Now, you can use the free Kalinoi messaging system to send your chosen provider further instructions or directions. Remember to leave a review!

Why should I use Kalinoi?


Benefit from Kalinoi service features, simplifying your life and providing comfort while empowering homes.

1. Effortless connection to services

Book easily with a click

SMS job and weather-proof convenience

2. We substitute and offer holiday relief

Substitute when live-in help is on vacation

Solution when traveling to a different city or hometown without your live-in help

3. Transparent pricing and secure payment

See Upfront prices, no lengthy negotiations

Seekers pay upfront, released upon task completion

4. Service and reliability assurance

Automated refunds when the provider doesn't show up

Immediate suggestion or reassignment of the same price if the provider doesn't show up

5. Solution for periodic assistance

No monthly salary commitments, hire only when you need

Turn your extra space into an Airbnb or guest room—you might not need a live-in help afterall!

6. Free and SMS-based provider signup

No smartphone? No problem!, bookings send via SMS

Free sign up for all users

7. Ratings and provider accountability

No worries for substandard job, continuous reviews and ratings

8. Safety and data protection

No worry about private data security

Do you clean, cook, garden or offer home services? List here

In Kalinoi you can make extra cash by offering your services

1. List your service

Sign up and select the services you would like to provide (e.g Laundry). Need assistance with the sign-up process? Message (0703688879) or call or visit one of our mobile offices, and we will help you get started.

2. Add your adress and Experience

You will be booked based on your location, skills, experience (where you have worked before, ratings and reviews), and availability.

3. Receive and accept bookings by SMS

No smartphone, email, or WhatsApp? No problem! Receive SMS notifications for bookings, accept (press 1) or reject (press 2) for free. Get MPESA payment after the job. Successfully completing a platform-booked job? Enjoy a 2% NSSF account contribution.

Simplifying life

Simplying lives and empowering homes

We are on a mission to bring comfort and convenience to the lives of service providers especially in the informal sector while ensuring that households can efficiently manage their daily chores, even during holiday seasons. We stand as a beacon of hope, offering opportunities, life simplicity, fair wages, and flexibility.

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