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General cleaning

General house keeping

The "General house keeping " category includes a wide range of cleaning and household tasks. It's suitable for those who need a variety of tasks done around the house within a single booking. For example you need someone to come do laundry, at the same time wash dishes, cook, mop the floors and wash your car.

Choosing this category means you are looking for a versatile service provider who can handle multiple tasks.

Conversely, you should choose an individual category if you only require one particular task or need a skilled service for a specific job. For instance, selecting "Cooking" is suitable when you only need someone to come and cook, while "Special cleaning" is tailored for tasks like office cleaning etc.



This "Laundry" individualized category is specifically reserved for situations where you need someone exclusively to handle laundry-related tasks i.e Mama fua. This includes washing clothes, folding, and ironing. You can opt to select the related tasks under subcategory or leave it without.



Are you in search of a skilled cook or don't have a live-in maid, or your live-in maid is a terrible cook? The "Cooking" category offers a captivating individualized service that provides a diverse range of providers, from formally trained and experienced chefs to self-taught culinary enthusiasts. Whether you need a quick "Maandazi" fix in just 30 minutes or require full-day culinary support for hosting guests, this category has you covered. Plus, you can fine-tune your choice by specifying the type of cuisine you desire, whether it's Chapati, Western dishes, Swahili dishes, or more.

Choose this category and customize your culinary experience to your exact preferences today.

Indoor cleaning

Indoor cleaning

Intrigued by the idea of thorough, inside-the-house cleaning? The "Inside Cleaning" category includes a range of essential tasks such as mopping floors, tidying up your fridge, corners and undercouch cleaning, thorough bathroom cleaning, dishwashing, windows, carpet cleaning, dusting your books and bookshelves, and more. This category is particularly appealing for those who may already have a washing machine for their clothes or a live-in maid who handles laundry but not so good at cleaning, or those seeking a comprehensive, deep cleaning of their living space.

If you are looking to refresh and revitalize your home, this category is tailored to your needs.

outdoor cleaning e.g stairs, gardening

Gardening (farm and home)

Don't overlook the often-forgotten outside spaces of your home. The "Gardening (farm and home)" category is designed for tasks like sweeping the garden, and tending to your outdoor plants and more. These are for both tending to plants on the farm or at home

If you want to enhance the appeal of your outdoor space, this category is the perfect choice.

other services

Other services

If you haven't found the specific task you need in our individualized categories and require assistance with a completely different chore, you are in the right place. Whether it is getting your package dropped or picked, car washed, finding a babysitter when your live-in maid is away, having someone shop for groceries, or any other household chore you have in mind, the "other services" category is tailored to address your unique needs.


Office cleaning