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Who we are

Kalinoi is the online marketplace, which connects you with a range of  Kenya's self employed home service providers  near you without any hassles. Our platform provides a convenient and hassle-free way for different providers and home service seekers  to find each other without wasting  time, searching or standing on street corners.

Kalinoi is on a mission to simplify and empower lives and homes

Kalinoi is not just a business; it's a movement. We are on a mission to bring comfort, convenience and improve the lives of self-employed service providers and households alike. Our goal is to make daily tasks manageable for households at all times, including holidays, days off for live-in maids, or when chores unexpectedly pile up. We stand as a beacon of hope, offering opportunities, life simplicity, fair wages, and flexibility.

Read on, our full mission statement

We streamline the process of hiring your preferred service provider without lengthy negotiation with upfront prices that fit different budgets. Kalinoi introduces a compelling solution through its user-friendly platform, streamlining the process of finding the perfect person for a range of home chores with just a few clicks.

What services

Whether you need help with laundry, cleaning your house, Airbnb, office, or an event, specialized cleaning (such as sofa, carpets, or bedbug removal), cooking your favorite home-cooked meal, hiring a personal professional chef, catering for weddings, funerals, or events, gardening, caregiving for children, the elderly, or the sick, driving your car, or any other home service, our platform seamlessly accommodates one-time, weekly, or more frequent needs. Our list of services is continually expanding to include others like electricians, CCTV installers etc. If you can't find the provider you're looking for, just send us a message, and we'll assist you.

Our goal is to create a community where both parties can feel confident and safe in their interactions

Our online marketplace is more than just a platform that connects households and home service providers. Our platform ensures that service providers are skilled in offering the services, weather self trained or professionally, so homeowners can trust that they are hiring a quality professionals. Additionally, our users can leave reviews and ratings for cleaners, making it easier for homeowners to find a reputable and trustworthy self-employed professional and for service providers to build up their reputation and client base.

We believe in transparency and open communication

We provide a free messaging system that allows service providers and homeowners to communicate directly and easily. This way, both parties can discuss details, set expectations, and ensure that all questions are answered before any work is done.

Our story-Empowering Lives and Homes

Kalinoi's journey started with a powerful realization: we could transform the lives of women cleaners and households in our community. Our founder's personal experiences and unwavering commitment ignited the spark that birthed our company.


Struggles of women cleaners a.k.a mama fua

We couldn't turn a blind eye to the adversity faced by women cleaners in our community. The rainy cold morning, the hot scorching sun found these women seated at the corners waiting to hopefully be hired. The unfair wages received, no future retirement plan, grappled with security issues daily. This injustice weighed heavily on us, motivating us to take action.


The live-in maid left abrubtly

Simultaneously, we experienced firsthand the challenges that homeowners faced when live-in maids took time off unexpectedly or left abruptly. Additionally, the pain of investing time, resources, and trust in training live-in maids, only to have them depart shortly after, struck a chord.


Need for unique skillset

In these experiences, we found a live-in maid excelling in laundry but struggling in the kitchen. It sparked a visionary idea: what if different individuals, each specializing in a particular aspect of home management, could come together to offer a cost-effective solution? Yes, you certainly do not need two maids to have perfect home services.


Holiday dilemmas with live-in maids

The holiday seasons, particularly Easter and Christmas, presents yet another challenge. While homeowners still have work obligations, live-in maids have the right to their well-deserved vacations. This leaves families uncertain about managing house chores and caring for their children during these festive periods. What if you had a temporary person while your live in maid is away?


Tedious Price Negotiations, Unfair Charges and Pay

The founders encountered the tedious process of constant negotiation and price disputes between households and cleaners. This often led to frustration on both sides, with one party feeling unfairly charged or paid. We thought of how we could address this issue by conducting extensive market research and determining prices that are fair to both households and cleaners. What if you could say goodbye to the lengthy negotiations, unfair charges, and payment issues? Let Kalinoi help.