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Violate laundry​,​ cleaner and cook​,​ Njoro​,​ Nakuru

I'm very good at doing laundry (washing, ironing), home cleaning (windows, toilets, kitchen) and airbnb cleaning. I am also good at general home cooking of local foods. I have been working at Njoro, Nakuru.

General house keeping

  • Laundry (washing, folding, ironing)
  • Home cleaning (mopping, dishes, windows, toilet, balcony, etc.)
  • Home cooking

Special cooking

  • Chapati & Maandazi
  • Swahili dishes (Pilau etc.)
  • Local dishes
  • Western dishes
  • Indian dishes
  • Professional chefs
  • Events cooking (weddings, funerals, etc.)

Special Cleaning

  • Office cleaning
  • Airbnb, hotels, restaurants
  • Events cleaning (weddings, funerals, etc.)


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    KSH 160
    per hour